The ninth LAMPA Conversation Festival will take place in..

Scientists have noticed that the globe has recently been spinning faster around its axis: some have already publicly stated that last year saw the shortest days in the history of observations. In order not to lose the foundation under your feet in such a rapidly changing wor..

The 8th LAMPA Conversation Festival has been held in Cēs..

The eighth LAMPA Conversation Festival has made a splash with its 270 events on various topics relevant to society. Around 19,000 people visited the festival in total. "It is a real pleasure for us to meet in person in the usual LAMPA format in Cēsis. Right now, when Russ..

LAMPA 2022 Announces its Program

The eighth LAMPA Conversation Festival, on the 1st and 2nd of July, will shine like a beacon in Cēsis with more than 250 events on 33 stages. It focuses on topics relevant to society on practical and philosophical issues of individual and national importance, from crisis pre..

Applications for Event Proposals for LAMPA have commence..

From the 14th of February to the 14th of March*, an opportunity to register an event for the eighth LAMPA Conversation Festival is open to everyone. This summer, after two distanced years on-line, LAMPA invites you to meet in Cēsis on July the 1st and 2nd to discuss the curr..

LAMPA 2021 announces its programme

The seventh LAMPA Conversation Festival with the head theme of respect invites you to attend any of more than 200 events over two days, August 20 and 21, on various important topics: both practical and philosophical, global and local, by joining us in Cēsis or online and at..

The seventh LAMPA will take place both in Cēsis and onli..

Spread over multiple locations in Cēsis – Vienības Square, Maija Park, Rožu Square, Pils Square, Ruckas Park, and others, online and in communal viewing sites all around Latvia – there is a multitude of viewing and participation opportunities for the seventh LAMPA Conve..

LAMPA calls for event submissions

At the end of summer, on August 20 and 21, the seventh LAMPA Conversation Festival will take place in Cēsis. If the epidemiological conditions allow for meeting and having conversations in person, the festival will move from its traditional location in Cēsis Castle Park..

LAMPA 2021: online and hopefully in person

At the end of summer, on August 20 and 21, the seventh LAMPA Conversation Festival will take place online and at multiple locations in the town of Cēsis. If the epidemiological conditions allow for conversations in person, LAMPA will move from its usual location at Cēsis Cas..

LAMPA 2020 announces its programme!

The sixth edition of the LAMPA Conversation Festival will take place in Latvia and around the world from September 2 to 5. Although the format and time may be unusual, the festival will still have its usual scope and energy. With the unifying theme "Kopā” (together), this ye..

LAMPA 2020: How to experience the festival this year

The LAMPA Conversation Festival will always find a way for conversations about important issues to continue. The festival will take place this year as well, and people will be able to experience it. LAMPA will take place from September 2 to 5, and, as usual, participation wi..

This year’s LAMPA will largely take place online

Although the approach of summer inspires hope that we will soon again be able to meet friends and other like-minded people face to face, the current unpredictable situation has nevertheless forced us to make some difficult yet responsible decisions. People will surely contin..

LAMPA is postponed to 4-5 September

Dear friends, in view of the current state of emergency in Latvia, we regret to inform you that the LAMPA Conversation Festival is being postponed to 4-5 September. Summer seems far away, but developments are difficult to predict, so we have chosen the safest solutio..


The fifth LAMPA Conversation Festival, which attracted a record-breaking 20,000+ visitors on the last weekend of June, drew to a close with a hot and dynamic “political roast”. This was also the richest festival to date in terms of content and number of events – approximatel..

Practical information for visitors

The LAMPA Conversation festival will take place on June 28 and 29 in Cēsis Castle Park. The number of visitors to the festival, now already in its fifth year, has been increasing every year. Therefore, especially keeping in mind those who will be attending for the first..

LAMPA programme in the spotlight

In just a month, on June 28 and 29, the annual LAMPA Conversation festival will take place in Cēsis Castle Park. In terms of content and number of events, this will be the biggest festival in LAMPA’s history – more than 350 events over two days, offering a total of 700 hours..

LAMPA co-founded the Democracy Festivals Association

Eight democracy festivals from the Nordic and Baltic regions, including the Conversation festival LAMPA, and a European-wide festival have joined their forces and established the International Democracy Festivals Association. Each of the festivals provides a platform for a d..

Propose your event for LAMPA 2019!

Until February 28, 2019, all are invited to apply to organise an event at the fifth Conversation Festival LAMPA, which will take place on June 28 and 29 in Cēsis, where it will light up Cēsis Castle Park with compelling conversations and exciting ideas. The theme of this yea..

Apply now – dare to organise an event at LAMPA!

The overarching theme of the Conversation Festival LAMPA 2019 is ‘daring’. Daring to be open, to listen to differing opinions, to go wherever a conversation leads you. Until January 9, all are invited to hop on board, join the journey, and become organisers of events at the..


For the fourth consecutive year, the conversation festival LAMPA offered sparkling conversations and exciting events, attracting a record high number of participants.  16 000 attended the two day festival, and 47 000 watched live feeds from the event. Preparat..


In precisely one month, on June 29 and 30, we will flip the on-switch for the 4th conversation festival LAMPA in the Cēsis castle park. This year the LAMPA programme will feature over 270 events, across a range of topics, taking place in Latvian, Russian and English. All are..