Paulis Iļjenkovs

Deputy Head of Strategic Analysis Division of Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia

In 2019 Paulis Iljenkovs started to work at the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Latvia, as a Senior Expert, later he held a position of a Deputy Head of the Unit, responsible for coordinating cooperation between public and private sector in a field of money laundering prevention and combating. Currently he is a Deputy Head of Strategic Analysis Division.
Before to join FIU, Paulis worked for 3 years in law firms (TGS Baltic and Deloitte Legal) in a field of financial crime prevention and was involved in a large scale international projects.
Paulis studied law in the Netherlands, Singapore and Latvia, obtaining a Master's degree in law in 2018. Paulis enjoys to be in a movement and to take an active part in various outdoor activities - he regularly plays football, also enjoys indoor activities.

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Paulis Iļjenkovs
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