Energy communities in the Baltics: ways of sharing renewable energy

Date and time: July 2, 15:00-16:30
Stage: 19 Zaļā telts
Event location in map: Cesis Castle Park
Event language: English


The new EU Solar Energy Strategy envisages to set up at least one renewables-based energy community in every municipality with a population higher than 10 000 by 2025. Renewable energy generation has recently exploded on individual and enterprise level, but the next step is to launch local and virtual energy communities.

To encourage cooperation among prosumers and other stakeholders, we need solid and adaptive legal and technical frameworks. However, energy transition and climate action will not be brought about by devices, grids and regulation alone. Well-managed decentralised energy systems go hand in hand with energy democracy and social innovation.

The panel will focus on the progress achieved in different Baltic states and assess the most prospective energy community models in Latvia.

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