The ninth LAMPA Conversation Festival will take place in June 2023

Scientists have noticed that the globe has recently been spinning faster around its axis: some have already publicly stated that last year saw the shortest days in the history of observations. In order not to lose the foundation under your feet in such a rapidly changing world, you need a proper anchor - values that do not change and can be relied on. With surprising content but unchanged principles and venue – LAMPA Conversation Festival will take place in 2023 as well! On June 9 and 10, it will gather conversation enthusiasts for the ninth time in the Cēsis.

LAMPA Conversation Festival is an environment and impetus for continuous self-improvement in the ever-changing world, two days full of life and the joy of conversation, where you sharpen your mind, expand your horizons and challenge your ideas. It is an inspiring and open platform for everyone who has something to say. Everyone, who wants to learn and talk about issues important to Latvia, Europe, and the world. The main mission of the festival is to strengthen the culture of democracy, discussion and respectful conversation in Latvia.

LAMPA is organised by the Foundation for an Open Society DOTS, Swedbank Latvia, the advertising agency “Armadillo”, the communication management agency “Deep White”, the Cēsis Municipality, and the British Council.

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