Dissecting Latvia’s Values

All of the political parties represented in parliament will take on one of Latvia’s biggest unanswered questions – defining Latvia’s values. The event will take place Saturday, July 4, on the main stage of the conversation festival ‘’Lampa”. The discussion, moderated by Latvia Radio journalist Eduards Liniņš,  will ask politicians Ilze Viņķele, Jānis Dombrava, Edgars Tavars, Igors Pimenovs, Inguna Sudraba and Mārtiņš Bondars to focus on ‘’Latvian values’’, ‘’European values’’, and values defined in the recently adopted Preamble to the Latvian Constitution. We expect heated, high quality debate to fill the Cēsis castle park.

How detailed, how exhaustive is our understanding of values underlying the existence of the state? What are “”European values””, what are “”Latvian values””? Do we need to have a value based outlook? Do the values that we have defined – both informally, and formally in Latvia’s constitution – have any relation to the modern day social, cultural and political reality?




The event “’ Anatomy of Latvian Values”’ will offer a unique opportunity to hear from all  6 political parties represented in the Saeima, to hear these politicians expound on values – Latvian, European, universal and individual. The discussion will focus on the ‘’package’’ of basic values defined in the preamble to the Constitution. Some considered the Preamble to be a necessary document, legally pinning down what is right. Others looked upon it as an ill-considered violation of trust. 

Does the truth lie somewhere in between? You can find out by joining the conversation Saturday, July 4th at 16:30 in the Cēsis castle park, during Latvia’s first conversation festival ‘’LAMPA’’. This is one of 60 different events, offering festival goers the opportunity to listen to, converse and discuss with fascinating personalities. The conversation festival ‘’LAMPA’’ will take place in the Cēsis castle park 3-4 July. 

The initiators of the conversation festival ‘’LAMPA” are the Foundation for Open Society DOTS and Swedbank. The event is organized byFoundation DOTS, the advertising agency ‘’Armadillo’’the communication management agency ‘’Deep White”” and the events agency ‘’Chocolate Events”.

Admission is free. 

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