Discussion: “The Transition Towards Healthy Soil”

Date and time: July 2, 11:00-12:15
Stage: 12 Skatuve #Misijas
Event location in map: Cesis Castle Park
Event language: English

We are globally facing three interconnected emergencies. Climate change is making our region warmer and more unpredictable, biodiversity loss is reducing the number of species and individuals making the functions of our ecosystems weaker and more unpredictable. The degradation of healthy soil reduces our ability to cope with climate change and biodiversity loss. In the long run, the loss of healthy soil reduces the potential of livelihoods to sustain human needs: food, water, health and shelter.

The key questions for the national, regional and local actors remain:

What are the different long-term scenarios for Latvian soil? How will climate change and biodiversity loss affect soil health by 2035?

How do we support key functions of healthy soils through different policies and instruments?

How do we maintain the balance between social, environmental and social sustainability?

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