LAMPA exhibition opens in Riga

An exhibition of caricatures ‘’The truth is in the joke’’, specially curated for the LAMPA festival, opened on Thursday, June 2 in Riga.  The exhibition is held in cooperation with the movement ‘’Free Riga’’, which strives to rejuvenate empty buildings in Riga. It will be open until July 2.  Caricatures are exhibited in the dark windows of abandoned buildings around Riga, demonstrating that there is no place, where it is forbidden to think, talk and joke. We must talk about everything, everywhere.

Artists sought to answer questions such as:  why is it so important to talk?  What should we not keep silent about in Latvia? Is there anything, about which it is forbidden to talk or joke? The caricatures prove that sometimes a joke is the best way to open one’s eyes to the truth, and challenge one to engage in conversation.

Exhibiting artists: 

MĀRIS BIŠOFS – living and working in Moscow, Israel, Paris and New York, this caricaturist has developed a signature thought-provoking style. Bišofs draws more than the obvious – his laconic works are intelligent, witty and pointed. The artist is a regular contributor to the magazines “Rīgas laiks” and “IR”. 

GATIS ŠĻŪKA –  If a Latvian thinks of caricature, he or she is most likely to think of Gatis Šļūka’s work. The Latvian world of caricature, or even the Latvian media, cannot be described without referencing  Šļūka’s work. He has published his work in all of Latvia’s leading newspapers. Šļūka has taught Latvian society the value of an intelligent joke, even if the joke is on oneself.

MAIJA KURŠEVA – The only woman among the artists, Maija Kurševa charms us with her sparkling personality that shines through in all her creations. Fearless, shameless, true and truly colossal, Kursevas work is as strong as her personality. The artist was nominated this year for Latvia’s prestigious Purvīša award.  

AIVARS VILIPSŌNS –an artist, who is able to answer every question with a woman. Precisely because the answer always lies with the woman. Vilipsons’ graphic drawings of women and his unique humour pay homage to life at its most fulfilling. In 2015 the artist was honoured with the Aleksandrs  Čaks award for popularizing the literary works of the poet.  

MĀRIS SUBAČS – an artist and a poet, whose distinctive style cannot be mistaken. Subačs’ work is direct, simple and honest. His philosophy finds a place deep in your heart. The artist writes and illustrates his own books, and has formed a remarkable creative collaboration with theologist Juris Rubenis.

HARIJS GRUNDMANIS –illustrator, graphic designer and cinema buff. Grundmanis is full of elegant humour and bold visual approaches. Every question is answered with a fresh idea. 

DĀVIS ANDERSONS –  author of the sensational animated film series ‘’The Life of Peter’’, Andersons brings highly controversial topics into focus with clear messages. Andersons is not constricted in his world of ideas; he draws things that others dare not even think. Young, talented, one-of-a-kind. 

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