Everyone is invited to submit their ideas for events, to be included in the programme of the 2nd conversation festival LAMPA, taking place July 1 – 2 in the Cesis castle park.  The deadline for submissions is April 17, 2016.  There are no limitations in the choice of topic or format of the event. The aim of the festival is to nurture a democratic culture in Latvia,  spark interest in civic and global affairs and to create a platform for the mutually respectful Exchange of ideas and opinions.

“Democracy is not possible, if citizens are apathetic, and lack motivation to participate in the social and political life of the nation. If people don’t care, democracy becomes an empty shell. LAMPA extends an invitation to everyone – come join in building democracy in Latvia.” states Ieva Morica, festival director and Executive Director of the Foundation for open society DOTS.

Ideas for events can be submitted on-line: Before submitting your proposal, we invite you to get acquainted with the festival manifest, and the criteria for festival events.


Swedbank, the patron of the education programme at LAMPA, invites applications for events to take place on the Education stage. ‘’Latvia’s education system is not good enough for Latvia. If we are to achieve breakthrough developments in the economy and social welfare system, Latvia’s education system must move from average to excellent. The festival LAMPA is the best place to take the conversation about the future of education to a broad cross-section of society. What needs to change and how?  How to recognize excellence?  These are issues we would like to see debated on the LAMPA Education stage.” says Maris Mancinskis, Chairman of the Board, Swedbank. 

Proposals will be evaluated by a special committee, comprising: Olegs Ignatjevs, journalist, LTV; Eva Ikstena, Board member of the NGO ‘’Ascendum””, and a journalist, LTV; Ieva Morica, Executive Director, Foundation for an Open Society DOTS; Egle Klekere, Director, communication management agency ‘’Deep White”; Girts Polikovs, Strategic Director, advertising agency ‘’Armadillo”; Adriana Kaulina, Corporate Relations Director, Swedbank; Sindija Vilde, Director, events management agency ‘’Chocolate Events”; Jānis Ķīnasts, urban planner; Ivars Ījabs, political scientist.

Proposals will be vetted based on the conversation festival LAMPA manifesto and the criteria for LAMPA events. 

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