For the fourth consecutive year, the conversation festival LAMPA offered sparkling conversations and exciting events, attracting a record high number of participants.  16 000 attended the two day festival, and 47 000 watched live feeds from the event. Preparatory work for the next festival – June 28 and 29, 2019 – has already begun.

Despite unseasonably cool weather, the conversation festival LAMPA drew a large crowd, setting a new record. The weekend festival attracted 16 000 participants from a broad segment of society – different generations, different ethnic groups, from Latvia and from other countries. Festivalgoers engaged in heated debates and worthwhile conversations with like-minded individuals, opinion leaders, experts, new friends and old. They listened, learned and analysed – and simply relaxed enjoying the positive festival mood. Conversations returned again and again to the main theme of the festival – TRUST.

The largest crowd assembled for the traditional festival headliner – the Roast, which turned a humorous eye on the upcoming parliamentary elections.  The “’Political Arena’’ was well attended, where participants had the opportunity to meet political party leaders and engage them in discussion. A special youth programme – Short Circuit –  was offered on Riekstu hill, with events taking place on specially built wooden platforms. And the youngest generation had their own fun at ‘Mini LAMPA’’. A programme of 270 events – high-level discussions, cultural events, performances, master classes and workshops – ensured that there was something for everyone.

Over 50 of this year’s events are available on video, in the application LMT Straume, and can be accessed on the internet at:


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