September 4, 15:00-16:30

Workshop “Towards a more sustainable future: from the COVID-19 crisis and the New Deal to permanent behavioral change”

COVID-19 clearly exposed the important trade-off that society faces between environmental

quality and economic activity. What many people across the world experienced over the

spring and summer of 2020 is, however, the result of a shock to which society was not

prepared. In contrast, we can prepare for climate change. As Peter Victor already wrote, we

can be “slower by design, not disaster”.

This discussion is led by two economists. The goal of economists is precisely to identify the

best policies to solve a problem. In this case, how to minimize the trade-off between

environmental quality and economic activity. The discussion will touch the following topics,

going from short term to long run: (i) COVID-19 and changes in perceptions about the

environment; (ii) stimulus packages and the added value of spending money now rather than

in a decade; (iii) how to build on (i) and (ii) to implement ambitious and effective policies

that can ensure that behavioral change is for the long run.


Therefore EIT Climate-KIC Hub Latvia in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland is organizing a practical workshop on new ways of thinking in this change of time.


This session will be held in English.


All interested participants are kindly asked to register beforehand HERE.

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