Mārtens van der Zvans (Marteen Van der Zwan)

An expert in tackling cryptocurrency money laundering from the Netherlands

Started in 2008 as Public Prosecutor. Since 2016 he has been working as Senior Public Prosecutor at the Financial Cyber Crime Division at the Dutch National Prosecutors’ Office for serious fraud, environmental crime and asset confiscation.
The Dutch National Prosecutors’ Office works closely with special investigation units on a broad range of financial crimes, also tax fraud and money laundering. As the responsible prosecutor for Financial Cyber Crime, Mr van der Zwan is an expert in tackling money laundering of crypto currencies.
He works closely with the Financial Advanced Cybercrime Team of the Dutch Financial Information and Investigation Service. Besides investigation, the Financial Cyber Crime Division has an important task to seek cooperation with chain partners and private companies. In this type of work international cooperation with regard to investigative work is also an important component.

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Mārtens van der Zvans (Marteen Van der Zwan)
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