Diplomacy in the 21st century

Date and time: August 20, 17:00-18:00
Stage: 10 Skatuve UZZIBSNĪ
Event location in map: Pils laukums
Event language: English

The field of diplomacy has experienced fundamental changes in recent decades, both in terms of how diplomacy is practiced and the issues diplomats confront.  This discussion will examine these changes using the last 30 years of bilateral diplomacy between Latvia and the United States of America as a frame.   

Diplomacy played a central role in the dramatic events of 1991, when Latvia reclaimed its independence from the failing Soviet Union and began the long task of rebuilding the political, economic, military, and diplomatic institutions needed to protect this independence and ensure the country’s sovereignty and integration with like-minded allies.  Thirty years later, diplomacy remains front and centre as the United States, Latvia, and their allies work to strengthen the alliance in the face of new challenges.

Academics, diplomats, and politicians will reflect on their personal experiences and/or observations of the diplomatic field during this time.  Among the questions they will consider: 

  • What has changed for practicing American and Latvian diplomats since 1991, and what has stayed the same?
  • What lessons have we learned (or failed to learn) about diplomacy since 1991?
  • How is digitalization, social media, and disinformation influencing the practice of diplomacy?
  • What can we expect in the field of diplomacy as we look ahead to 21st century challenges?
  • How has the pandemic affected the diplomatic field?
    Introductoy remarks will be delivered by the Parliamentary Secretary of the Minsitry of ForeignAffairs of the Republic of Latvia Dr. Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica.
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