TRUST – a contribution to Latvia’s centenary celebrations by the Conversation festival LAMPA

Sociological research (SKDS) shows that 52% of Latvia’s inhabitants find it impossible to trust most people, with only 5% having complete trust in people. Less than one-fifth of Latvia’s inhabitants trust in decision-makers. “Trust is a basic requirement of a strong, democratic country,” emphasizes festival director Ieva Morica, announcing that the core value of this year’s festival will be TRUST.  From January 15 to February 28, everyone is invited to submit their proposals for events at this year’s festival, to contribute to building trust in the community and trust in Latvia.

“Research shows that almost all of us have issues with trust. I would like to invite everyone to critically assess their own feelings, and find ways to bolster trust. We are all a part of this country, and only together can we create a strong, democratic and prosperous Latvia, a Latvia we have called our home for one hundred years. We would live better, if we could create an environment of trust between individuals, and trust in the country. This festival will give us the opportunity to delve deep into these issues, learn more, engage more, and to light the path for our next hundred years together,” stated LAMPA director Ieva Morica.

The festival program is a gift to Latvia for the centenary. Everyone is invited to participate, and propose a festival event. Proposals will be accepted from January 15 to February 28. There are no limits on content or form. The event can be a serious discussion, an educational workshop, a lively conversation. It can be theatre or thought-provoking installations. Proposals will be reviewed in a competitive process, evaluating proposals based on the festival manifesto and criteria for events.  More information is available, and proposals may be submitted on the LAMPA website: The results of the proposal competition will be communicated individually by April 2.   

The festival is in its fourth year, experiencing a rapid increase in the number of festivalgoers each year. This year it will be held on June 29 – 30 at the Cēsis Castle Park. Participants and attendees appreciate the opportunity to discuss global, European and national issues, and to hear multiple points of view.  LAMPA offers an opportunity for conversation with your target group in a relaxed setting, an opportunity for dialogue on issues that matter to your organization, company or public institution.

The conversation festival LAMPA is a non-commercial event, and attendance is free.  Festival costs are covered by donations, grants and co-payments by organizers. This year, the Foundation for an Open Society DOTS and Swedbank Latvija offer stipends to cover co-payments for event organisers.  The patron of the education topic at LAMPA, Swedbank Latvija, invites applicants to submit proposals for events about modern education that would fully prepare our children and young people for a full professional and personal life in the 21st century.  The Foundation for an Open Society DOTS is offering stipends to individuals and non-governmental organisations to cover their co-payments for events.


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