The programme of the festival is announced!

The first Latvian conversation festival LAMPA has announced its program of 50 events, taking place from 3 – 4 July in the Cesis castle park. Festivalgoers will be able to attend and participate in conversations and discussions with engaging personalities. Artists, entrepreneurs, a broad range of experts, journalists will bring clarity to Latvia’s big issues. ‘’Brainwashing’’ and manipulative techniques will be unmasked. Attendees will be able to participate in workshops, for example learning debate and public speaking skills, or brainstorming new social entrepreneurship ideas. LAMPA will present a very rich film and cultural program. The castle park will resound with laughter, as LAMPA together with Latvia’s stand-up comedians offer up a first-time ever political roast.

The conversation festival LAMPA programme has a broad array of events across three thematic stages. The “Light-Up’’ stage will offer lively debates on Latvia’s big issues. Former prime ministers – Māris Gailis, Ivars Godmanis, Indulis Emsis, Andris Bērziņš and others will ponder the question: “What should I have done differently?”. Latvia Radio journalist Aidis Tomsons (host of the program “”Crossfire””) will moderate a discussion between business leaders Māris Mačinskis and Ģirts Rungainis and education leaders Guntars Catlaks (Director, National Centre for Education) and Igors Grigorjevs (Director, Zaķumuižas elementary school), on how people create Latvia’s innovative companies. Russian journalist Galina Timcenko, former editor of, and her colleagues, who have fled the censorship of Russia to create a new news site “Meduza” here in Latvia, will provide insight into the Russian media world. The ‘Light-Up’’ stage will also host a debate of the stars, offered by Latvian debate culture pioneers “”Quo Tu Domā?”, where famous Latvian TV and stage personalities will ponder the question – do social networks make us less social?

The “”Illuminate’’ stage will engage those, who want to explore issues by going to the source, and conversing with great minds. Oxford University researcher Dace Dzenovska will use historical analogy to illuminate one of today’s most pressing issues – the migrant crisis in Europe. The Baltic to Black Sea Alliance will guide us to an understanding of how reality gets construed in our minds.




The ‘Flash’’ stage is home to bright ideas, engaging stories and sparkling discoveries: director and playwright Krista Burāne together with sculptor Ivars Drulle and playwright Jānis Balodis and others will try to answer the question – what is an artist in our times – a provocateur, an advocate or a catalyst? Together with ‘’The Red Jackets”” festivalgoers will re-live brand and company success stories. The Women’s Resource Centre “’MARTA”” will challenge accepted views on masculinity.

Festival tents will offer additional events. The tent ‘’Lightbulb” invites you to a discussion “”Entrepreneur or Employee”, hosted by Jānis Endziņš of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and to a discussion with Uģis Rotbergs on the road to a green economy. The Latvian Debate Association‘’Quo Tu Domā?” will offer a public speaking workshop.  The tent “”Lantern” offers the opportunity to discuss with Transparency International – Latvia ‘’DELNA’’ the importance of the whistle-blower as a change agent. Everyone can engage in ‘’kitchen talk’’, visit the library hosted by the magazine ‘’IR”, join in director Dimitrijs Petrenko theatre-game ‘’Try on Power’’, or get acquainted with the festival film program, which is offering shorts from the Riga International film festival ‘’2Annas”’ as well as Jānis Domburs’ documentary ‘’The 4th May Republic”. The National Film Centre of Latvia will host a discussion on film in schools.

LAMPA also offers up ‘’miniLAMPA”, a children’s programme in cooperation with the Cēsis New Elementary school, the ‘’Jaunie Vanagi’’, ‘’GigiBlok’’ and the science centre ‘’Z(in)oo”.

After two days of spirited and engaging conversation, the festival will close on the evening of July 4th, with music and entertainment by radio ‘’PIECI’’ DJ Toms Grēviņš.

The conversation festival ‘’LAMPA’’ programme remains a work in progress – new events will be added and announced on our website, as well as in social media.  The initiators of the conversation festival ‘’LAMPA” are the Foundation for Open Society DOTS and Swedbank. The event is organized by Foundation DOTS, the advertising agency ‘’Armadillo’’, the communication management agency ‘’Deep White”” and the events agency ‘’Chocolate Events”.

Admission is free. 

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