Cēsis will host the first LAMPA conversation festival this summer

The conversation festival LAMPA will take place this summer, July 3 and 4 in the Cēsis castle park. This festival of democracy, which has become a new tradition in the Nordic countries, aims to create a platform for citizen engagement in social and civic processes, bolstering Latvia’s democratic development. The festival offers conversations of every genre and topic, as well as unique cultural events, for example, innovative theatre performances and installations.

The organizers of the LAMPA conversation festival hope to encourage conversations among the people in Latvia, to elicit engagement in the events happening around them. Everyone who cares about the future of Latvia is invited. ‘’We believe that people in Latvia would be better off, if everyone found ways to engage in social and civic issues. The festival will offer an environment, where such engagement is made possible in ways outside the mainstream –  approaching issues important to Latvia’s democratic development with a light touch, with humour, with wisdom” explains festival organizer and one of the initiators Ieva Morica, Executive Director of the Foundation for an Open Society ‘’DOTS”

For the first time, Latvia will experience a festival of conversation and discussion. For two inspirational days the LAMPA conversation festival will celebrate democratic life with a rich programme of over 50 events across a number of stages and tents in the Cēsis castle park.  Festival goers can engage in spirited debates on the “Enlighten” (“Izgaismo”) stage.

The “Illuminate” (“Apgaismo”) stage will invite festival goers into conversations, where one can explore issues in-depth, dig down to the root of problems, and get to the source to understand events, the world around us and find deeper meaning.




The “Flash” (“Uzzibsnī”) stage will open the festival goer to new ideas and discoveries. The festival will also make possible personal, tête-à-tête conversations and exchanges of opinions in the ‘’kitchen’’ tent and other thematic tents. Latvia’s stand-up comedians will roast politicians, while theatre director Dmitrijs Petrenko will give everyone the chance to try their own hand at political power.

One can keep abreast of the planned festival events by following the festival homepage www.festivalslampa.lv, and social media accounts. The festival programme is co-created by many organizations and democratic debate enthusiasts. Everyone who feels inspired by the festival format and idea is invited to join in the creation, and offer up their own event by getting in touch with the festival organizers.

“In a number of Nordic countries, similar festivals have become a symbol of democracy, a place where key issues of development are subject to open and spirited debate. If Latvia is finally ready for such a festival, this marks the beginning of larger, positive change, similar to how the charity organization “Ziedot.lv” created a new culture of philanthropy, or the organization “Mission Possible” raised the bar for quality in education.” stated Māris Mačinskis, Chairman of the Board of ‘Swedbank’, one of the organizers and initiators of the event

The organizers and initiators – the Foundation for an Open Society DOTS and Swedbank – have gathered over 100 like-minded people from Latvia’s well known organizations and institutions to nurture this idea and bring the festival to life. Already, over 30 democracy-minded organizations from the public, private and NGO sector have become involved in creating events for the festival.

The Foundation for an Open Society DOTS and ‘’Swedbank’’ are the initiators of the event. The main organizing team includes the Foundation for an Open Society DOTS, the advertising agency “Armadillo”, the communication management agency “Deep White” and the events management agency “Chocolate Events”.

 Entrance to the festival is free of charge. 

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