In precisely one month, on June 29 and 30, we will flip the on-switch for the 4th conversation festival LAMPA in the Cēsis castle park. This year the LAMPA programme will feature over 270 events, across a range of topics, taking place in Latvian, Russian and English. All are invited to delve into conversations on trust and other Latvian and global issues. In this election year, LAMPA will provide the opportunity to talk face-to-face with political party leaders. Practical workshops, artistic performances and other adventures round out the programme. Admission – free.

“As LAMPA becomes more well known, more and more people submit their events to LAMPA. This year – 235 organizers are offering 275 events. New for this year is the ‘’Political Arena”, where one can have informal conversations with politicians, and a special youth programme “”Short Circuit”, offering serious conversations and crazy adventures – a night hike, meet-ups with social media stars, even a treehouse as an event venue.” Informs the director of LAMPA, Ieva Morica.

The diverse programme has something for everyone. LAMPA delivers on a range of issues important to a modern society: social affairs, security, foreign policy, culture, economics, media and technology, health and others. LAMPA will offer practical advice for daily life as well as the opportunity to debate global issues, stepping outside the constraints of daily routine. And as a bonus – entertainment designed to rejuvenate after intense discussion.

The Conversation festival LAMPA takes on the topic of trust this year, addressing this issue from multiple angles. Those interested in anthropology can participate in a seminar on evolutionary thinking, and participate in creating a portrait of future leaders. Those of a more cautious nature can watch police detectives in action, ensuring data protection on the web. We will offer discussions on how the future looks from the perspective of behavioural economics, examine trust in our geographic region between east and west. Participants can design their own local government budget, discuss the efficacy of public procurement and investigate financial crime. Technology buffs can take a peek into the future. We will look at education from a range of perspectives, run a marathon of uncomfortable conversation topics, and talk about the youth of Latvia today and in the next century.

The heated political arena will let us decide together who will ensure Latvia’s sustainable development, take a look at election promises, and break down the barriers of trust between politicians and NGOs.  And for those moments when one’s brain is on overload, cultural offerings will provide a cool-down:  improvisational theatre, acoustic concerts, a night hike, or simply chilling in the picturesque castle park.

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