Flipping the Switch – Friday Thousands will Start a Conversation at the Festival

This weekend, from Friday morning to Saturday night, the Conversation festival LAMPA will take place in the Cesis castle park – this is possibly the most substantive and intellectually engaging festival ever. Participants will gather to discuss important issues, strengthening the culture of democratic debate and respectful conversation, conducted with levity and a smile. These are people who have something to say, and whose opinions are worth hearing. Cultural events and dancing with abandon are also on the agenda.  Entry to the festival is free.

This is the second annual Conversation festival LAMPA. This year’s event boasts three times as many events. The programme includes 150 events in myriad formats on 6 stages and in 12 tents, organized by over 80 organizations, associations and companies.

There will be cooking demonstrations, a masterclass in breathing, discussions about the future of schools and cities of the future, workshops in public speaking and critical thinking, chemistry experiments, theatre improvisations, a political roast, and much, much more. The smallest festivalgoers will be treated to miniLAMPA – a special programme for children that will give parents the opportunity to delve into the LAMPA programme while their children are constructively engaged in other activities. Participants can even bring their pets – there will be a special event for dogs and their owners!

The festival offers a diverse cultural and entertainment programme. One highlight is the documentary theatre ‘’SEVEN”, offered by the Resource centre for women ‘’MARTA”. The performance will take the viewer through seven life stories, addressing social themes in the language of drama.  Well known personalities in Latvia will become actors  in this special performance.

Conversations can continue throughout the night in the tent city, available for free to all festivalgoers. The festival will host a blazing night party of dancing and singing both Friday and Saturday nights.

To reduce traffic congestion in Cesis and on the roads to Cesis, the festival organizers suggest using public transportation – Cesis is easily accessible by bus and train. Festival goers using personal transportation are urged to share – the road trip will be more fun, it will contribute to saving the environment, and make parking easier for all.  If you live in Cesis – biking is a great alternative, and bicycle parking will be available on the festival grounds.

The festival is a two-day event. Accommodations can be found with friends and family living in Cesis, in the hotels in and around Cesis, or by using the services of https://www.airbnb.com. A free tent city is available directly adjacent to the festival site – the Cesis castle park – in the square at the intersection of Berzaines and Bisu streets. Detailed information on accommodation and transportation options can be found on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1658404124375797/ , where you can also chat with other festivalgoers.

The Festival will also have food zones on site, offering a variety of cuisines. Free water fill-up stations will be available – festivalgoers are urged to take their own bottles to refill, or to purchase a LAMPA water bottle at one of the two information tents on site. There will be two public recharging stations for mobile phones, so one can document the festival with photo opps and selfies. If selfies are not enough – LAMPA souvenirs will be available for purchase. Souvenir income contributes to covering the cost of the festival.

The full festival programme is available on the festival website www.festivalslampa.lv.

Programme of the events in English: 


The conversation festival LAMPA will be live-streamed on LMT Straume – available with their app, or on the internet: http://straume.lmt.lv/lampa, offering a full live programme, and also on the festival webpage http://www.festivalslampa.lv. Festival events will be recorded and available on the LMT Straume archive, including the recorded event ‘’Political Roast”. Participants following the events live are invited to participate in the discussion using Twitter hashtags #festivalsLAMPA and #LMTstraume. 

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