Apply now – dare to organise an event at LAMPA!

The overarching theme of the Conversation Festival LAMPA 2019 is ‘daring’. Daring to be open, to listen to differing opinions, to go wherever a conversation leads you. Until January 9, all are invited to hop on board, join the journey, and become organisers of events at the festival. Organisations from the private, state and non-governmental sectors as well as individual creative minds and advocates of conversation and are invited to submit two-day event programmes for the festival. The Conversation Festival LAMPA 2019 will light up the Cēsis Castle Park on June 28–29.

“The Conversation Festival LAMPA advocates important conversations that reach deeper, beyond popular knowledge. Constructive solutions are based on the courage, the daring to enter into conversation. As we enter Latvia’s 101st year, we are convinced of the need to dare to have a conversation about the future of our country, and therefore this year we have chosen ‘daring’ as the theme of our festival. In order for a diversity of opinions to continue to prosper, we encourage everyone to take part in the organisation of the festival. All who hold LAMPA’s values dear and wish to expand their own horizons as well as those of society are invited to propose events for the festival programme,” says Ieva Morica, the director of the festival.

The interest and enthusiasm of event organisers has grown with each passing year, and therefore the application process is again taking place in two stages. Those who wish to organise more than one event and provide interesting content over the course of the whole festival (two days) must register by January 9, 2019. Those who wish to organise a 1,5h long event on one of LAMPA’s existing stages are asked to register during the second stage, between January 15 and February 28.

There is no limit to the theme or formats of events, so you can let your imagination fly. However, all applications will be evaluated in a tender process according to their concordance with the Conversation Festival LAMPA manifesto and the criteria for event submissions. For more information about the application process and to submit an event, visit

The Conversation Festival LAMPA will take place for the fifth time in 2019, and again it will host a wide variety of valuable conversations. It will be a gathering of people with opinions, a place where people are not afraid of expressing their opinions and participating in respectful conversations and discussions with others, thus seeking answers and solutions together. Event formats are very diverse. With serious conversations, informative workshops, exciting discussions, theatre performances and thoughtful installations, each festival-goer can find something to tickle his or her mind or provide a bit of leisurely downtime. The festival is an inspiring and exciting platform for all who have something to say.

The Conversation Festival LAMPA is a non-commercial event, and entry for festival-goers is free of charge. All festival costs are covered by donations, grants and co-payments from event organisers. However, individuals and non-governmental organisations may apply for a stipend to cover their co-payments, that is, participate in the festival free of charge.

The Conversation Festival LAMPA is organised by the Foundation for an Open Society DOTS, Swedbank Latvia, the Deep White communication management agency, the Armadillo advertising agency, Cēsis Municipality and the British Council. The festival receives financial support from the Foundation for an Open Society DOTS, the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Swedbank Latvia, the British Council, Open Society Foundations and the businesses Latvijas Finieris and Enefit.

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