September 2, 15:00-16:30

“Environment and economy: What’s the connection?”

Covid-19 brought to light issues in our economic system that had been there for years as well as certain new ones; and the results of these issues are now felt all around the world. Now is the moment when everyone looks to their leaders to see what the path to recovery will look like. Will the climate emergency, and other environmental issues be taken into account when rebuilding our economies? The pressure from the European Commission to take the environment into consideration through the Farm to Fork strategy as well as the Biodiversity Strategy, is felt in all the member states. Despite all this, certain member states are going against these strategies. We invite you to a discussion with experts about the connection between our economic systems and the environment. The discussion will shed light on what we risk to lose when we disregard the needs of the environment in our path to the future. 

In the programme “What’s the connection” everyone is invited to be a part of the discussion, where on one side of the table we have the environment, and on the other a field which at first, may not seem to be related to the environment at all. The goal is to bring together experts from different sectors and create an enticing discussion that reaches beyond the “green bubble”

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