Discussion “Is “Green” sustainable? Is sustainable “Green”?

Date and time: August 21, 17:00-18:30
Stage: 21 Norvēģu skatuve
Event location in map: Ruckas parks
Event language: English

Sustainability has been treated as respect for environment, as responsibility for future generations, as a business opportunity, as a competitive advantage, as a development objective and as a limitation. Businesses, organisations and local governments are increasingly “colouring” sustainability green, using “green” slogans and quickly incorporating the UN sustainability objectives in their agendas - either by actually making their operations greener or by allowing them to look “green”. Polishing the green image has become a commonplace practice, but does it have to do with sustainability? What exactly is green growth? Is it possible? How to measure it? Does green mean sustainable? And what happens when sustainability turns into business?

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