LAMPA announces its programme

Cognitive experiments, practical workshops, performances, games, contests, discussions, theatre, and even confessions – the third Conversation festival LAMPA will have something for everyone, even the most demanding participant. This year there is more to love than ever – over 200 events on diverse issues from all around Latvia and the world in Latvian, English and Russian language. LAMPA will shine in one month – June 30 to July 1 in the Cēsis castle park. Entrance – free.

"The menu at the Conversation festival LAMPA this year offers a rich palate of flavours, from spicy local political debates to conversations with Scandinavian cult politicians, from confessions of entrepreneurs to experiencing a real-time police arrest and live streaming from the Cēsis juvenile detention facility, from performance art about Latvia in the year 2068 to opening night for a unique theatre performance on Latvian – Russian relationships. Three years ago, LAMPA launched with a 50 event programme, but this year we have exceeded our own expectations. Over 200 events, promising to meld a music festival – like atmosphere with the in-depth content of a conference. Politicians, businessmen and women, journalists and decision-makers, writers, rappers, artists, philosophers and even clerics – everyone will be at LAMPA, and no one will be bored!” stated Ieva Morica, director of the conversation festival LAMPA.

The 200+ events in Cēsis are being organized by almost all Latvian ministries and other public agencies, businesses, associations, universities, NGOs, embassies, the media, and strong, active Latvian opinion-leaders. The full programme for LAMPA can be accessed at

LAMPA does not adhere to one narrow field of interest – education, health, environment, politics, government, security, taxes and the economy, culture all are on the agenda. As in previous years, everyone will have the opportunity at LAMPA to discuss anything of interest – from everyday practical issues, to national policies and issues of European or global interest.

This year, conversations about regional development issues will be in the limelight. The programme “Home” will include discussions on living an active, full life outside of Riga and other big cities, proving that even in the countryside and small cities of Latvia it is possible to enjoy a full, rewarding life – cultural events, business, start-ups, technology, co-creating spaces. LAMPA will also showcase events organized by government institutions, technology businesses and associations.

The Conversation festival LAMPA is organized with the financial support of the Foundation for an Open Society DOTS, Swedbank Latvia, the British Council, the Boris and Inara Teterev Foundation, the regional government of Cēsis, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, “Enefit”, and the European Commission Representation in Latvia. 

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