Practical guidance for attendees

Where do I buy a ticket?

There are no tickets, but you can donate in order for LAMPA to continue. LAMPA has always been and will always be available to anyone in any format free of charge!

Festival Venue

The home of the festival does not change - we will meet in Cēsis again this year. The festival returns to the friendly and homey Cēsis Castle Park, but the festival stages will also be located in the adjacent Maija Park and Vienibas Square, as well as in the square by the New Castle. Take a look at the festival map.

The On-site Rules

We are extremely glad that the restrictions on attending events are a thing of the past. This year we will be able to meet again in person without any restrictions - everyone will be warmly welcomed! However, for a visit to the festival to be a pleasant and safe adventure for all of us, we invite you not only to discuss respectfully but also to observe the following rules:

Within the festival site, you are not allowed to:

  • use an open flame (including, but not limited to, candles, grills, oil lamps, etc.);
  • use drugs;
  • to carry out any commercial or advertising activities without the prior written consent of the festival organizers;
  • behave in a way that disturbs or endangers the safety of other visitors;
  • damage the property of other visitors and locals;
  • to remain in the festival site from 22.00 to 8.00 without adult supervision if you are younger than 16.
Getting to the festival and traffic restrictions in Cēsis

On July 1-2, all roads will be leading to Cēsis! If you prefer public transportation – intercity buses or trains– please purchase your tickets in advance. In addition to normally scheduled train trips between Rīga and Cēsis, AS “Pasažieru Vilciens” will provide additional trips:

  • To get to Cesis, on Friday, July 1, passengers can use the existing route Riga-Valga with an extended train, which every working day departs from Riga at 10:46 and arrives in Cesis at 12:33.
  • At night from Friday to Saturday, July 2, the train will leave Cesis at 01:00 and will arrive in Riga at 02:48.
  • On Saturday, July 2, the train will leave Riga at 8:25 and arrive in Cesis at 10:25.
  • At night from Saturday to Sunday, July 3, the train will leave Cesis at 00:00 and arrive in Riga at 01:48.

Several free parking lots will be available for those who choose to travel to the festival by car. See the map. We ask you to be understanding and take into consideration that these and other free parking lots in Cēsis have limited capacity and you may have to park your vehicle further away from festival locations.

We also hope that the valuable impressions of free thought and open conversations will make up for minor inconveniences related to closing several streets of Cēsis for traffic. See the map. 

→ LAMPA’s Facebook group “Accommodation and Transportation” is a great opportunity to find people for carpooling and a place to stay.

Where do I sleep?

No true festival can be imagined without a camping area! This year, LAMPA continues to offer free-of-charge spots in the camping area – Cēsis Children and Youth Centre at Bērzaines iela 4. The camping area will be open from July 1, 10 a.m., until July 3, 12 p.m. so as to let even the most resilient conversationalists have a proper sleep.

The camping area will have bathrooms and sinks. It will also have security personnel, however, we kindly ask you to look after your belongings as festival organizers will not take responsibility for unattended items. You will have to provide your own tents and sleeping bags. Registration for the camping area will take place upon arrival.

Festival map and programme on your phone

The festival program and map will no longer be available in print, but they can be conveniently viewed on your phone via the Sarunu festivāls LAMPA app (only in Latvian, available on the App Store and Google Play) or website. In addition, maps will be placed all around Cēsis.

To avoid getting confused by the large program and to enjoy LAMPA as a personal experience, we invite you to select your own program by using the “My Programme” tool available on the website.

There will be things to eat and drink

LAMPA will provide you with various eating and drinking opportunities. No one will be left hungry, vegetarians and vegans included. The festival map will feature a list of catering areas and a list of food and drink vendors.

Please take your water bottles with you – you will be able to fill them for free at the festival territory.

To protect the environment and reduce the amount of waste, catering areas will have a glass deposit system. For a fee of 1.00 EUR initially paid to any drink vendor, you will get a reusable glass that will be exchanged for a clean one when you purchase your next beverage. At the end of the event, you can return your glass to any vendor and get your 1.00 EUR back, or donate the amount to the festival and leave the glass in one of the designated boxes. If you wish, your glass can travel home with you as a reminder of the lively conversations during the festival!

Will there be things for children to do?

Absolutely! This year, miniLAMPA returns to the festival with a diverse program for children, who will find engaging activities in the space cognition centre, watch theatre performances, play board games, draw and even get to feel a real forester.

Teenagers too will find an engaging programme at this year’s LAMPA with an open microphone, a film evening and sustainability challenges in food, fashion and green-splaining together with influencers. There will also be a chance to get video creation tips working side-by-side with social networking content creators.

And what about dogs?

Four-legged visitors to the festival can be accompanied by their host on a lead and, if necessary, with a muzzle. Please respect other visitors by picking up after your dog, if necessary, and by being courteous to other visitors and other dogs.