We believe that people in Latvia would live much better if they were actively involved in social and political processes. Sometimes they just need a little encouragement and an environment for doing so.

The LAMPA conversation festival invites people to engage in conversations that lead to understanding. To diversity and its acceptance. To equality – where every opinion has the right to exist and be heard. To a desire to find out more and to take pleasure in doing so.

The LAMPA conversation festival celebrates democratic culture and provides an open, engaging and joyful environment for vigorous and enthralling conversations for everyone who cares about Latvia and the world.

The LAMPA idea was hatched and nurtured by the Foundation for an Open Society DOTS, Swedbank and the sustainable change agency SPARK from Denmark. It was inspired by similar democracy festivals in Denmark, Sweden and Estonia . The LAMPA conversation festival home is the Cēsis castle park. Many organizations and activists are involved in its creation, cooking up festival events and offering financial support.

Trust, sustainability and diversity – these three principles are at the heart of the LAMPA conversation festival. These are the three pillars on which we seek to build Latvia’s future.

Entrance to the festival is free of charge.



.The festival is taking place from June 30 – July 1, 2017, and we invite you to join us for both festival days, staying the night in Cēsis or the surrounding area. To help you choose appropriate accommodations, we have established a Facebook group, where you can exchange information about accommodation options – seek or offer accommodations in guest houses, apartments, private rooms or simply arrange for a place to pitch your tent.

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  • Conversation culture is diverse. Sometimes it means screaming, ignoring opponents’ viewpoints, obfuscation, blatant lies or manipulation, speaking from a position of power, brandishing fists. But conversation can also be mutually respectful. Listening, agreeing or disagreeing, using well-considered arguments, respectfully steering towards a compromise. 

  • We are respectful. We expect a range of opinions - all are important and given a fair hearing. “’I do not agree with your opinion, but I will defend to my last breath your right to express it.”
  • We listen. Listening is just as important as talking. 

  • We converse with dignity.  We do not humiliate or denigrate.
  • We use considered arguments, and never speak from a position of power or raise a fist. 
  • We offer solutions. If we criticize, we explain our motivations and offer suggestions. 
  • We are open to conversation, to discussion, to new ideas and new solutions.
  • We trust.  In our conversation partner, friend, neighbour and country.
  • We co-create. Organizers and participants of the conversation festival are equal partners in the creative process.